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Can You Recognize Signs of Addiction?

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Drug or alcohol addiction is a terrible way to live. Getting that next fix or drink is always on the mind of the addicted individual. No matter how hard this person tries to keep his or her personal nightmare a secret from others, telltale signs begin to emerge. Watching for the following signs of addiction in friends or loved ones could save their lives.

Behavioral Changes

Whenever a person’s behavior suddenly changes, it should trigger a red flag. For instance, people who normally participate actively in social affairs may start making excuses for missing events. They make excuses that they need quiet time or aren’t feeling well.

Physical Observations

Any deterioration in one’s physical appearance is a sign that something is wrong. You may also notice that being late for work or appointments is becoming a regular routine. Being in a state of constant depression, irritability or fatigue is also not normal and can point to signs of addiction.

Money Problems

Drug or alcohol habits are expensive. When they begin to ignore the regular staples of life, ask yourself where their hard-earned money is going. Becoming addicted to drugs can quickly turn an honest person into a deceitful one. Lying and stealing become second nature to someone with a drug or alcohol addiction. Other signs and symptoms of addition may include:

  • Flushed skin and broken capillaries on the face
  • Recurrent arguments or fights with family members or friends
  • Blackouts or memory loss

Watching loved ones destroy their lives due to addiction can be tough to face. However, if the signs of addiction are there and ignored, a dismal future is in store. Take the attitude that this person is ill and take steps to prevent losing a friend. Stepping Stone Center For Recovery is an in-house facility that is licensed to provide specific levels of care that include inpatient drug and alcohol detox, inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, as well as a more flexible intensive outpatient program. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, we use multidisciplinary treatments that include physical, mental and spiritual needs of each individual. Watching friends or loved ones suffer alone with addiction can be very hard to do. Knowing when to step in and take charge is a solution that can make their future brighter.  When addicted individuals are ready to ask for help, you will be prepared to guide them in the right direction immediately. Don’t allow someone you care about to succumb to the destruction of addiction. Recognize the signs and be ready to act. Call 866-957-4960 and get information on Stepping Stone Center for Recovery today.

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