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Recovery from Drug Addiction is the Sum of Small Efforts

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For most people dealing with an addiction to substances, recovery from drug addiction can be a daunting task. In a mind that seldom functions the way it should, the prospects of beating an addiction seem too far removed from the realm of possibility. That’s even applicable to those addiction sufferers who are ready to admit defeat and get help but have no idea how and where to start.

Narrow the Picture of Recovery from Drug Addiction

When one views the process of going from the cycle of drug addiction to complete recovery as a whole, it’s understandable why it might seem impossible. The notion it might seem impossible doesn’t diminish the importance of needing to go through the process in order to save one’s life. In most cases, there is a great benefit that can be derived from breaking down the recovery process into smaller components that might seem more manageable.

The Process of Recovery from Drug Addiction

Embarking on any journey starts with the first step. When it comes to the recovery from drug addiction, that first step has to be for the addiction sufferer to admit they have an illness and need help. From there, success can usually be achieved through the sum of small efforts. A good place to start is by locating a reputable and professional drug and alcohol treatment center like the Stepping Stone Center for Recovery in Jacksonville, FL. From there, the baton can be passed on to the addiction counselors and clinicians who have the expertise to determine the right treatment plan. During treatment, the patient must put forth the effort to open up, listen and learn. After treatment has concluded, everyone involved (counselors, family, friends, and the patient) needs to make the effort to stay the course and make sure the patient has the opportunity to stay on the path of recovery.

The Drug Rehab’s Role in the Recovery from Drug Addiction Process

During the recovery process, much of the hard work has to be done in a professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. At Stepping Stone Center for Recovery, the work begins with an assessment to determine whether or not the in-house detoxification process will be necessary to prepare the patient for therapy and treatment. From there, the facility’s counselors will be better able to determine which treatment modality fits the patient’s needs. With this high level of a treatment facility, there are various treatment options such as inpatient drug and alcohol rehab or a more flexible intensive outpatient program in the offering. They can also infuse other treatment options like dual-diagnosis treatment and family therapy into the plan. With a meaningful follow-up program employed after treatment has concluded, the effectiveness of the recovery process becomes contingent on the smaller efforts of the people involved. If you are suffering from an addiction to substances, you most likely can’t recover on your own. Before you allow the daunting recovery process to scare you away from that which you need, we ask that you first contact us here at Stepping Stone Center for Recovery at 866-957-4960. We can help you make the recovery from drug addiction process more manageable, which gives you a great chance to find the good life you are intended to live.

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