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Relapse: What Causes It and What to Do About It?

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Relapse: What Causes It and What to Do About It?

What Causes It and What to Do About It?
What can cause a relapse? There isn’t just one thing that can cause a relapse. Sometimes it is several things that affect you. Listed below are situations or factors that can lead to a relapse.

  • High risk situation: The perfect storm
  • Negative emotions (anger, anxiety, frustration, depression)
  • Overconfidence: You think you no longer need support
  • Stopping medications on your own or against the advice of medical professionals
  • Spending time with friends that you used with or at places where you used
  • Isolation: Not attending meetings, not seeking your sponsor or others for support
  • Keeping alcohol, drugs and paraphernalia around the house for any reason
  • Obsessive thinking about using drugs or drinking
  • Failing to follow your treatment plan: Quitting therapy or skipping doctor’s appointments
  • Relationship difficulties: Ongoing serious conflicts, a spouse who still uses
  • Setting unrealistic goals: Perfectionism; being too hard on yourself
  • Feeling overwhelmed, confused or stressed out
  • Lack of routine and structure in life: This causes boredom
  • Dwelling on resentments and past hurts
  • Avoidance: Refusing to deal with personal issues and other problems
  • Major life changes: Loss, grief, trauma, painful emotions

A combination of factors can create the perfect storm in your life, leaving you vulnerable. Staying aware of triggers and factors can help get you back on track with recovery. If you are aware of what is causing you to struggle with sobriety, you can make a plan of attack.

5 Steps to Take When You Sense You May Relapse:

  1. Seek help from a therapist and/or an outpatient program at a rehab program:When you seek help at a rehab program, you will be able to address the issues that are putting you on shaky ground. A therapist or outpatient program can create a personalized treatment plan for you.
  2. Attend NA meetings: If you are at risk, you are probably experiencing mental relapse (thinking about using again), which may turn into a full blown relapse. Going to meetings will help you with your mental relapse.
  3. Build a positive support system: Having a positive support system in your life can help you keep things in perspective and motivate you, and can also increase your self-esteem. A high self-esteem can increase your chance of staying sober.
  4. Set goals: Having goals gives you purpose and direction. It doesn’t matter how small the goal is, as long as you are working toward something.

Adopt a healthy routine (exercise, diet and sleep schedule): Having a healthy routine helps you keep balance in your life. As you stick to this routine it leaves less time to include drugs into the mix. The better you feel, the better your chances are of not using.

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