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Is Your Senior Mother Need of Help With Addiction?

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Is Your Senior Mother in Dire Need of a Prescription Drug Rehab? In recent years, the national spotlight has been focused on opioid and prescription drug abuse in the United States. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, 1.9 million Americans were suffering from addiction to prescription medication in 2014. As these numbers continue to rise, an aspect of this epidemic that may be overlooked is the fact that many of the individuals suffering from prescription drug addiction are senior citizens. If your senior mother is in dire need of prescription drug rehab, here are some options for you to consider.

Levels Of Care Involved In Prescription Drug Rehab

One of the first things to determine when it comes to prescription drug rehab is what level of care may be necessary to ensure that your senior mother receives the type of rehabilitation that can help to lead her toward sobriety. The levels of care range from outpatient services all the way up to inpatient hospitalization and each are appropriate depending on certain factors. If your senior mother isn’t a threat to herself or others, outpatient services to help her deal with her addiction may be best. If there’s an immediate threat of danger to her life, inpatient hospitalization is often advised to ensure that she is fully cared for as she detoxes. Many senior citizens benefit from dual-diagnosis treatment while receiving inpatient or outpatient services. Dual diagnosis treatment ensures that they’re treated for any psychological disorders that may be running in tandem to their addiction. For some individuals, the presence of a mental health disorder can increase the intensity of addiction and prevent them from properly working toward sobriety.

A Multidisciplinary Approach For Your Prescription Drug Rehab

All individuals suffering from addiction often suffer in their own way. Many times, no two individuals will benefit from exactly the same treatment program or regimen. In order to ensure that your senior mother receives the level of care to help her work toward sobriety, it’s often best to combine many different types and styles of treatment. Combining different styles and types of treatment helps to create a well-rounded treatment experience. Different types of therapists are often brought in to strengthen the ties between family members and properly set expectations or to properly assess an individual’s physical well being. Through this combination of treatment techniques, many people are able to find the help they need to get sober.

Additional Information About Prescription Drug Rehab Programs

Many prescription drug rehab programs run for 30, 60, or 90 days, including programs that are fully inpatient in nature. When attempting to determine the treatment program that will be right for your senior mother, it can be important to identify the type of environment where she will feel the most willing to work toward sobriety. For some individuals, this will mean staying in a facility with other senior citizens. Determining the type of environment where your senior mother will feel the most comfortable can be an important step to take. Stepping Stone Recovery is a 24-hour facility that focuses on the total treatment of individuals suffering from the chronic disease of addiction. Located in the sunny state of Florida, Stepping Stone Recovery has the professional staff and treatment programs necessary to ensure that your senior mother receives the care she needs. Therapists at Stepping Stone Recovery work to adapt their treatment methodologies and ensure that they are tailored to the needs of each individual in recovery. Call 866-957-7298 today for more information on how you can help your senior mother recover from her prescription drug addiction. The best time to seek treatment is right now.

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