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A Sober School

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A Sober School for Post-Secondary Education

Sober College After Drug Rehab
College After Drug Rehab
What a great idea, a college that is based on the concept of sobriety. Many young adults complete addiction treatment and are anxious about returning to college life which is surrounded by weekend parties, binge drinking, drugging and using with friends. Many times young people will postpone school to avoid these triggers and find it difficult to return later. Sober young adults can attend college after completing drug and alcohol rehabilitation and feel somewhat safe about returning to school. This may also help with parental anxiety about their children returning to school away from home. At a dry campus, recovering addicts will be monitored and encouraged to continue their process of recovery attending meetings, working with a sponsor and living with other young adults in recovery. All colleges should incorporate a sober housing option into their on or off campus living. This way recovering college addicts will have a sober foundation and it will be like joining a fraternity, sorority or club offering fellowship and support.

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