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Make Sobriety From Addiction Your Life

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Go to ninety meetings in ninety days. Work with a sponsor through the twelve steps. Get additional therapy if it is needed. Do Service work at twelve-step meetings. Work with another alcoholic. Go to aftercare groups. Read the Big Book. The list of tasks that need to be done goes on and on for someone who is in the beginning stages of recovery and can seem overwhelming to say the list. The bottom line is addiction is very serious and can easily leave someone dead. Recovering from addiction needs to be a priority in the daily life of a recovering addict. Unfortunately staying sober from the disease of addiction is not as easy as getting a shot or a prescribed antibiotic. The good news is that staying sober gets easier over time. The cravings for drugs and alcohol become fewer and farther between.
During an individual’s journey in recovery, they will learn what is beneficial to them and what isn’t. During the beginning stages of recovery from addiction, it is highly suggested to try everything that is recommended. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another. Like they say, “different folks, different strokes”. Truth be told if someone is going to achieve long-term, quality sobriety the actions that they take is going to have to be their life for a while. However if one puts the time in they will eventually have a recovery program that fits into their life. Make no mistake though, the actions necessary for recovery are going to have to be their priority before their family, work, school or recreation. Keep in mind though, without sobriety, school, work and family is not going to be possible. If the footwork is not done in the beginning of the recovery process it is more than likely that relapse is going to occur. Make sure to avoid an unnecessary relapse and go full steam ahead when it comes to recovering from addiction.

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