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Solve the Mystery of What Happens in Rehab

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Every process is a mystery before you start. Knowing the process makes a difference in almost all parts of life. Most of us can think of some friend going through some experience where we have no idea how we would handle it. It might be moving across the country and getting kids into new schools. It might be going through surgery and chemotherapy to treat cancer. Rehab is no different. People think about it, wonder if they need it or wonder if they can handle it. I have spent a long time with medical anxiety. I played everything out—from bad test results to hospital stays with no one to help me. But I really didn’t know the process. I got to the point where I had to take a step and make the phone call. It was just to my doctor, but that started everything else. Some of my fears were about tests and their results. But all along the way, professionals assured me what the possibilities were and how they could be handled. Every part of life comes with its own complexity, but they also have people who know the way.  We may not understand it until we have to deal with it. Going to rehab is no different. You make the call, you go to rehab. Your objections and anxieties about the time away, your family, your job—they don’t matter.  There are ways to handle them. Others have had worse (or better) excuses and showed up. You’ll spend time in detox, and time in therapy. You’ll learn about yourself and you’ll get the tools to get better. Then after you are done, you can be the person to help a friend struggling with addiction, by telling them ‘you need to go to rehab and get help. You can do it.’ Stepping Stone Center can be the place to help you. Call our intake specialists 24/7 at 866-957-4960 and they can get the process started for you. Be brave and make the call.

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