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Surviving Your 21st Birthday

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Surviving Your 21st Birthday

Binge drinking
Binge Drinking on Your 21st Birthday Can Be Dangerous

Your 21st birthday is a big milestone in your life. You’ve been waiting a long time to get into that trendy club and now you can flash your driver’s license proudly to the bouncer at the door. You and your friends may have an amazing night planned but if you decide to binge drink, things can go awry. Binge drinking can bring on a lot of dangers for you on the big 2-1. Fatal car accidents, blackouts and alcohol poisoning are among some of the dangers of binge drinking on your big day. Know how to celebrate safely without getting into trouble. Many colleges and universities, such as California State University Chico and Purdue University, offer safety guidelines for their students. Here are some tips for a safe 21st birthday:

  • Alternate between alcoholic drinks and nonalcoholic drinks.
  • Eat a healthy meal before you drink.
  • Snack throughout the evening.
  • Pace yourself while drinking! Don’t drink more than one drink an hour.
  • Never drink when you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired.
  • Set a limit of drinks for the night.
  • Always have a designated driver who is completely sober. A little buzzed doesn’t count!

We know you’re excited about your big birthday, but you need to stay safe. Join us on Facebook and discuss your birthday plans with us. You may get some safe and fun ideas. Don’t let a night of binge drinking prevent you from seeing your next birthday.

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