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How Should I Prepare Myself for Alcohol Addiction Therapy?

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, there are 16.3 million adults in the United States struggling with alcohol abuse, and more than 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually. Chances are many of those people never even sought alcohol addiction therapy. These staggering statistics are often enough to convince people that…

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Is Inpatient Alcohol Detox Necessary?

Rehab is a vital component of addiction treatment, and lasting sobriety is unlikely without the support, education, and therapy that rehab programs can provide. However, diving into rehab is not recommended, which is why most patients opt for inpatient alcohol detox. Discover why an inpatient detox can set the tone for a successful rehab and…

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On the Border to Mexico Brownsville, Texas is Prone to Addiction

On the Mexican boarder Brownsville, Texas is is ruled by Mexican drug trafficking. As a result many who reside in Brownsville have struggled with addiction to drugs. Many of the residents who were able to overcome their addiction made the decision to seek out addiction treatment outside of their home town.

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Living Free of Addiction in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

While the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania are beautiful and luxurious there are still those who suffer from drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Many have found it beneficial to leave there home town to avoid distraction and focus all of their energy on overcoming their addiction.

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