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Tag: medically supervised detox

Finding Residential Treatment For a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Struggling with addiction is challenging, but treatment can help patients take control of their lives. Trying to tackle a drug or alcohol addiction cold turkey, and without the help of trained medical professionals, it can be more difficult than it needs to be. Plus, it can often be ineffective. Finding residential treatment can be the…

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Is Inpatient Alcohol Detox Necessary?

Rehab is a vital component of addiction treatment, and lasting sobriety is unlikely without the support, education, and therapy that rehab programs can provide. However, diving into rehab is not recommended, which is why most patients opt for inpatient alcohol detox. Discover why an inpatient detox can set the tone for a successful rehab and…

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What are the Steps of Treatment for Heroin Addiction?

In the world of illegal drugs, there are many facets of heroin addiction that make heroin one of the most dangerous substances out on the black market. Aside from the ease at which people become addicted to it, it has become more affordable and accessible, which has caused an increase in its popularity among most…

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Recovery from Drug Addiction is the Sum of Small Efforts

For most people dealing with an addiction to substances, recovery from drug addiction can be a daunting task. In a mind that seldom functions the way it should, the prospects of beating an addiction seem too far removed from the realm of possibility. That’s even applicable to those addiction sufferers who are ready to admit…

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Timeline of Your Recovery from Drugs or Alcohol and Your Body [Infographic]

Once patients have committed to rehabilitation, one of the major questions about the process relates to the timeline of your recovery from drugs or alcohol. Recovery isn’t immediate, and it takes time and effort. With more than 40 million Americans meeting the clinical criteria for addiction, this question is repeated more than ever. Keep in…

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