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Lexie Zeller, CRC

Lexie Zeller, CRC is the Director of Aftercare and Alumni Services for Lakeview Health. As an alumna of the program, she truly understands what our patients go through while they are here and after they discharge. Originally from a small town in Northwest Pennsylvania, Lexie made the decision to completely change her people, places and things, and come to Jacksonville, Florida to begin her journey in recovery. After completing treatment in January 2015, she went to a local sober living in Jacksonville and started engaging with our True North Alumni support groups and events. In 2017, Lakeview Health hired Lexie as the Aftercare Coordinator at the Rose knowing she would be able to use her personal experience to help other women. Lexie believes Lakeview Health gave her the knowledge and the tools she needed to stay sober, and says she feels honored to pay it forward to patients during their stay with us and afterwards as True North Alumni.

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