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Top 5 Excuses for Avoiding Drug Rehab

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Top 5 Excuses for Avoiding Drug Rehab

Don’t Lose Everything. Go to Rehab!
Attending drug rehab is a scary thing, especially when you have been using drugs for so long. The thought of changing your habits and lifestyle and finally addressing issues that you have been ignoring for so long can be overwhelming. However, if you truly look at your life, you will see that your life is less than perfect. In fact, I can bet that your life is falling apart and you are actually very unhappy; drugs are probably at the center of the chaos. Even though it may be apparent that we need help, we may continue to make excuses to delay or prevent seeking addiction treatment at a drug rehab facility. Do any of these excuses sound familiar to you?

1. People need me in the outside world. If I go to rehab I will be missed.

It’s true, loved ones will miss you while you’re gone but they would prefer that you get the help you need. In reality, they miss the person you used to be, before the drugs. Remember that saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder?” Well, the people in the outside world will prefer missing you for a while in exchange for having a healthier, sober you.

2. I have anxiety and cannot deal with groups. They will force me to speak in front of groups.

Therapy groups are welcoming and understanding. Remember, the other group members have lived the same things as you. They all suffer from addiction and other problems. You may not feel inclined to talk at first and that’s OK; it’s perfectly normal. You will hear others talk about their lives and issues and you will find striking similarities to your own stories. Perhaps after a while you will feel the need to share. So let that anxiety out the window. On a side note, have you ever considered that maybe your anxiety is caused by the drugs you take? Just sayin’.

3. I have been to treatment before. It doesn’t work for me.

Been there, done that. Well, that doesn’t work. There are many reasons why maybe your previous attempts were unsuccessful. Perhaps you missed an essential lesson. Or maybe the treatment plan didn’t meet your needs at the last drug treatment program. Maybe you decided that you could hang out with your old friends who used drugs with you.The point is, you have to continue pushing yourself and working while in recovery. It is a constant effort on your part. You can’t get too comfortable where you are or else that complacency may lead to a relapse.

4. I am different from other addicts. I truly love drugs.

Newsflash: Drug addicts love drugs. That’s why they are addicts. Your love for your drug and getting high is not as unique as it is the common link among all addicts. However, this love is not returned. Drugs don’t love you back. They take a toll on your relationships, your job and your health. You may have legal issues now because of drugs. Believe me when I say, that’s not love. It may seem impossible to give up something you love but it has been done. Other addicts who have loved doing drugs have been able to turn their lives around and work toward their sobriety. If they can do it, you can too.

5. I don’t need rehab, because I could actually stop if I really wanted to. I just don’t want to.

Denial, denial, denial! This is a common defense mechanism among addicts. You start to believe your own denial to avoid reality. The reality is that drugs control your life. So it’s not that you don’t want to quit, you can’t quit. The moment you break through the denial, you are admitting that you don’t have your life under control and that drugs have taken over.

Stop Making Excuses!

There are many more excuses you can come up with for avoiding rehab. The longer you keep yourself in denial, the more drugs will consume every aspect of you life. You want everything to function in your life, but addiction has a way of destroying everything in your life. The longer you wait to go to rehab, the greater the chance of losing everything. You can turn your life around in drug rehab at Stepping Stone Center. Learn to cope with your cravings while tackling issues with the help of a caring and knowledgeable staff. Stop making excuses and make to decision that will change your life. Call 866-957-4960.

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