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Watch Your Speed, Casey Jones!

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The Grateful Dead’s song “Casey Jones” tells the story of a railroad engineer who is driving his train too fast, high on cocaine. Our society has produced many songs about the intense euphoria of cocaine but few highlights the negative aspects. Cocaine addiction can lead to many physical complications, including death.  Get help today before you may not get another chance. Call Stepping Stone Center for Recovery at 866-957-4960 and speak with one of our counselors about going to treatment.

Cocaine Addiction Is Powerful

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that directly affects the central nervous system. Cocaine increases levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain, which causes you to feel extreme pleasure sensations. Your basic instinct is to chase the euphoria that cocaine intoxication produces. The cycle of cocaine addiction occurs because of the positive feelings that cocaine creates. The extra energy, appetite suppression and ability to concentrate initially entice you to use cocaine.  You increase your cocaine intake for the perceived positive benefits, despite the physical risk it creates.

Addicts abuse cocaine in three forms:

  • Powder. The loose form of cocaine easily snorted.
  • Rock. Hard form of cocaine that is smoked, usually called crack.
  • Liquid. Powder cocaine mixed with water for injection.

Cocaine abuse causes both physical and psychological damage. Using any of these forms of cocaine has the same impact on your body.

Is Cocaine That Bad for Me?

Yes, both cocaine abuse and addiction are bad for you. It causes temporary and permanent damage. The consequences of cocaine addiction vary, based on the amount, frequency and how long you abuse it.  No matter how little or how much you abuse cocaine, you will experience negative results.

Methods of use and consequences:

  • Snorting. Loss of smell, nosebleeds, problems swallowing, hoarseness and chronic runny nose.
  • Smoking. Some refer to smoking cocaine as smoking crack. You risk respiratory arrest and damage to the vocal cords.
  • Injecting. Severe allergic reactions, the risk of blood-borne diseases and gangrene.

Any type of cocaine abuse can eventually lead to heart disease, kidney failure, depression, and anxiety.

Why Do I Need Drug Rehab?

After the cocaine euphoria wears off, you will feel extreme depression because the natural cycles of dopamine in your brain have been disrupted by cocaine. It will take some time for your brain to begin producing these feel-good chemicals again and during this time you may experience depression, anxiety, irritability, and sleep disturbances. You are most vulnerable during this time without cocaine. You may think that it will get better if you just keep using cocaine. Temporarily, your symptoms will subside with use, but you will create more consequences in the long run. Stopping and eliminating cocaine addiction is best in the safety of drug rehab. Stepping Stone Center for Recovery understands the relationship between cocaine addiction and you.  Our trained staff can help you learn how to combat cravings and manage irritability, depression, and anxiety long enough to stay sober.  Our doctors will assess and treat any physical damage related to your cocaine abuse.

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