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Individual Therapy Program

Individual-TherapyLike many of life’s questions, overcoming addiction had a simple solution. The individual needs to choose to break the addiction, find a suitable recovery program and commit to a new and sober life. Also like many of life’s questions, this is easier said than done. To ensure your best chance at sobriety, you need to choose a rehab program that works for the unique elements of your addiction. At Stepping Stone Center for Recovery, an individual therapy program is one of our most effective tools for providing support and insight throughout the recovery process.

No Judgment

One of the most powerful emotions a recovering addict faces during rehabilitation is shame. That’s why creating a safe space where patients can share their feelings and experiences without fear of judgment is so crucial. Many participants will grow very comfortable opening up in a group setting. However, an individual therapy program provides an extra layer of confidentiality that allows patients to share their deepest feelings with their therapist.

In a face-to-face conversation with a licensed therapist, patients know explicitly that what they discuss is privileged information and will be kept in strictest confidence. When an addict knows they’re talking to an addiction expert, they become willing to dig deeper than they might elsewhere. Slowly, the patient begins to understand the benefit of openness and transparency has in the recovery process

Opening Up

Let’s be honest: no one likes to put their innermost thoughts on display to anyone. This is normal, especially for someone who may be laden with guilt and remorse for their actions during their addiction. Even the most experienced therapist will sometimes encounter individuals who shield their hearts and minds against basic questions.

For rehab to be effective, however, these defenses must come down. Individual therapy in Jacksonville, FL is a perfect way to begin to approach the issues found under years of substance abuse. For instance, a patient might not be willing to reveal a source of trauma or the reason for his depression in a group session. But by working with an individual therapist, they are able to explore these issues, diffuse some of the emotions and learn to shed light on the darkest recesses of their minds.

Targeting Problems with Individual Therapy

One of the great advantages of an individual therapy program is that it is, truly, individual. This allows care to be targeted precisely on the patient’s particular problems. With drug and alcohol users, the substance is often hiding a deeper issue such as depression, anxiety or other personality disorders. In cases such as these, known as dual diagnosis, both issues need to be addressed simultaneously.

Others may have serious physical issues, such as chronic pain or eating disorders, that also require support during recovery. Targeted one-on-one counseling allows the problems to be uncovered, diagnosed and treated more quickly and accurately.

Learning to Cope through Individual Therapy

The goal of a recovery program isn’t simply to finish and move on. It’s to create a life worth living and develop the skills necessary to maintain your sobriety. On its own, a certificate of completion does very little to combat a relapse. Patients must identify effective coping mechanisms and learn to practice them. This is a key element of a good aftercare program.

Coping mechanisms might include a fair number of life skills, involving family, friends, and local support groups. Patients may learn new job skills or hobbies, routines and behavioral patterns. Anything that disrupts the onset of cravings that can lead to relapse.

Individual Therapy Program in Jacksonville, FL

At Stepping Stone Center for Recovery, an individual therapy program is only one part of your overall recovery plan. We use a wide variety of proven techniques and methods to rid patients of addiction while restoring their mental, physical and spiritual health. If you’re ready to deal with your addiction, call us at 866.957.4960 and let us design a plan for you. Take control of your life again at Stepping Stone Center for Recovery.

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