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DXM Withdrawal and Detox


The notion of illegal drugs conjures up dark images of needles and alleyways, pushers and violence. However, over-the-counter (OTC) medications lead to addictions nearly as often as their on-the-street counterparts. Cough suppressants, in particular, offer new avenues of substance abuse. In addition to codeine, dextremethorphan (DXM) is an addictive chemical available over the counter. Like other addictions, proper recovery depends on professional help. Get DXM withdrawal treatment in a DXM detox program in Jacksonville, FL at Stepping Stone’s detox center before it’s too late.

DXM Explained

Dextromethorphan is not a drug that is commonly discussed like marijuana or opioids. However, it’s much easier to come by and may, in fact, be in your house without you knowing it. Before we discuss DXM withdrawal treatment at a DXM detox center in Jacksonville, FL, we should know a bit about this drug.

DXM is a cough suppressant and hence is an active ingredient in most over-the-counter cough medicines. Obviously, when used properly, it helps control a persistent cough. But it is possible to abuse DXM through overuse. When this happens, dependency and addiction may result.

The DXM High

Many people are surprised to learn that you can get high on the DXM in cough syrup. How? DXM suppresses neurotransmissions in a particular part of the brain that is responsible for coughing, thus providing temporary relief from a persistent cough. This is similar to how more well-known drugs like ketamine and PCP operate.

Clearly, a regular dose of cough medicine containing DXM is perfectly safe. In large doses, though, it can induce euphoria and hallucinations like other mind-altering drugs. By seeking these effects, DXM users can easily become hooked.

Is DXM Addictive Enough To Require A DXM Detox Program in Jacksonville, FL?

Despite being readily available at most grocery and drug stores, DXM is, in fact, an addictive drug if taken in large amounts. What makes DXM so dangerous is the ease with which it can be acquired. All a person needs to do is walk into a store and make a small, perfectly legal purchase of cough medicine. It all appears so innocent that a DXM addict hardly needs to disguise his dependency, even in public. If you are addicted to DXM, enter our detox program in Jacksonville, FL.

DXM Withdrawal Treatment

Does something as seemingly harmless like cough syrup lead the user to need DXM withdrawal treatment? Again, if the doses are large enough, the answer is yes. If the body is used to a significant amount of DXM in the bloodstream, it will react when that chemical isn’t available—in other words, when the person decides to stop using the drug.

To best manage the negative effects of quitting DXM, we recommend you seek out DXM withdrawal treatment at our detox center in Jacksonville, FL. With the proper care, you can minimize the discomfort of detox and maximize your own personal safety while going through the process.

DXM Detox Center in Jacksonville, FL

Many drug rehab centers are willing and able to offer DXM withdrawal treatment. However, not all facilities are the same. Before you commit to any detox center, make sure you know precisely what you need and ensure you’re getting it from a provider with a history of success. So what exactly should you look for in a DXM detox program in Jacksonville, FL?

To begin with, a staff familiar with DXM withdrawal treatment is a must. Not all rehab centers specialize in treating those who abuse over-the-counter medications.

Furthermore, a detox center in Jacksonville, FL should be able to offer a complete, holistic plan for recovery, either on its own or through an association with a larger institution. Attending a DXM detox program is only the first step in building a life of sustainable sobriety. The next steps include inpatient care, outpatient care, and aftercare.

Are you suffering from a DXM addiction? Do you know someone who is? If so, we hope you’ll contact Stepping Stone Center for Recovery in Jacksonville, FL online or call us at 866.957.4960. We have the facilities, the staff, and the experience you need to break the DXM habit once and for all. There’s no need to wait. Recovery is within your reach.

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